Criterion Wise Information

Criterion Wise Information


Criterion 1 : Curricular Aspects

  1.1.1 Particulars Time Table  CLICK HERE
  1.1.1 TDC CBCS Regulation 2018 of Assam University  CLICK HERE
  1.1.1 Teaching Plans  CLICK HERE
  1.1.1. Course Distribution   CLICK HERE
  1.1.1  CLICK HERE
  1.2.1  CLICK HERE
  1.3.1 Crosscutting issues  CLICK HERE

Criterion 2 : Teaching, Learning, And Evaluation

  TITLE   LINK Final Admission List 2017-18 to 2021-2022  CLICK HERE Category Wise Final Admission List 2017-18 to 2021-2022  CLICK HERE
  2.3.1 Student centric methods  CLICK HERE Santioned posts list for teaching & non-teaching staff  CLICK HERE List of Faculties with Ph.D  CLICK HERE
  2.5.1 Mechanism of Internal Assessment  CLICK HERE
  2.6.1 Programme Outcomes and Course Outcomes  CLICK HERE
  2.6.2 Attainment of POs and COs  CLICK HERE &  CLICK HERE

Criterion 3 : Research, Innovation, And Extensions

  3.2.1  CLICK HERE
  3.2.2 Report on Programme for Career Building Opoortunities  CLICK HERE
  3.2.2 Report on Orientation Programme on Self-Employment in Dairy Farming  CLICK HERE
  3.2.2 Report on One Day Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development  CLICK HERE
  3,2,2 Report on One Day Workshop on Beautification Course  CLICK HERE
  3.2.2 Report on Natioal Webinar  CLICK HERE
  3.3.1  CLICK HERE
  3.3.2   CLICK HERE
  3.4. 1 Extension Activities  CLICK HERE
  3.4.2 Awards and Recognition  CLICK HERE
  3.5 Collaboration  CLICK HERE

Criterion 4 : Infrastructure And Learning Resources

  4.1.1 Infrastructure & Other facilities  CLICK HERE
  4.1.2 Audited income & expenditure statement  CLICK HERE
   4.2.1 Digital facilities in library  CLICK HERE
   4.3.1 IT Facilities  CLICK HERE
   4.3.2 extracts of stock register  CLICK HERE

Criterion 5 : Student Support And Progression

  5.1.2 Report on capacity & Skill Enhancement Activities  CLICK HERE
  5.1.4 Annual Report of the committee motioning the activities and number of grievances  CLICK HERE
  5.2.1 List of students placed and students progressed to higher education  CLICK HERE
  5.2.2 List of students qualified  CLICK HERE
  5.3.1 list & copies of certificates in sports  CLICK HERE
  5.3.2 Sports and cultural programmes  CLICK HERE
  5.4.1 Alumni contribution  CLICK HERE

Criterion 6 : Governance, Leadership, And Management

  6.2.1 Particulars Instituional Perspective Plan   CLICK HERE
  6.1.1 Organogram   CLICK HERE
  6.2.1 Code of conduct   CLICK HERE
  6.2.1 Assam College Employees (Provincialisation) Rules 2010   CLICK HERE
  6.2.1   CLICK HERE
  6.2.2 admission and exam user interface of Jagannath Singh College under Assam University   CLICK HERE
  6.3.1 Welfare measures   CLICK HERE
  6.3.3 Copy of certificates of RC and FIP   CLICK HERE
  6.5.1 IQAC Activities   CLICK HERE
  6.5.1 IQAC Report   CLICK HERE
  6.5.2 Quality Audit Reports   CLICK HERE
  6.5.2 Energy Audit   CLICK HERE
  6.5.2 Green Audit   CLICK HERE
  6.5.2 Academic and Administrative Audit   CLICK HERE

Criterion 7 : Institutional Values & Best Practices

  7.1.1 Particulars Gender Audit  CLICK HERE
  7.1.1 Gender equality & Gender sensitization programmes  CLICK HERE
  7.1.1 Additional information  CLICK HERE
  7.1.2 Report of the green campus activities  CLICK HERE
  7.1.4 Inclusive environment and sensitization to the constitutional obligations  CLICK HERE




  Extended ID 1.1 Year wise list of students approved by the affiliting university  CLICK HERE
  2.1.1 Approved Admission list year-wise program-wise  CLICK HERE
  2.2.1 List of students in the college  CLICK HERE
  Report on Workshop on Theatre in Education  CLICK HERE
  Report on International Yoga Day  CLICK HERE
  Report on One Day Capacity Building Programme on Language and Communication Skills  CLICK HERE
  Report on Workshop on Soft Skills   CLICK HERE
  6.5.2 Collaborative Quality Initiatives with other institutions  CLICK HERE
  7.1.3 Policy Document on Environment and Energy Usage   CLICK HERE